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Financial Activities

While conducting research and/or teaching at Pepperdine, you may incur out-of-pocket expenses that require reimbursement. Below you will find policies, forms, and best practices in getting reimbursed in a timely manner.

Purpose Policy Form
To reimburse any out-of-pocket expenses (meals, transportation, lodging,etc.) and mileage

Expense Reimbursement Policies

Expense Reimbursement Form (2022)

Expense Reimbursement Form (2023)

To request professional development activities (i.e. conferences, publication fees, association fees, etc.)

Development Funds Policies

Development Funds Forms

To reimburse for off-site student enrichment meals used for community building

Student Enrichment Policies

Student Enrichment Forms

Expense Reimbursement Form (2022)

Expense Reimbursement Form (2023)

If you have questions about class mileage reimbursements or out-of-pocket expense reimbursements, please contact:

Karina Salinas, Financial Administrator