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Workshop Assessment Policy

Effective Fall 2022

In cases where the OB workshop is hosted prior to the beginning of a semester, it can be difficult to ensure all students have access to the required course materials in a timely manner.  Therefore, PGBS has traditionally provided required assessments for students through an institutional purchase, rather than a more traditional student-pay model.  

To manage costs, and ensure equity across workshops the following policies are in effect beginning Fall 2022:

  • Faculty teaching the OB Workshop for PGBS may request ONE of the following assessments for each workshop (limit one copy per student registered in the section):
    • DISC
    • Myers-Briggs (MBTI)
    • Learning Styles Inventory (LSI)
    • Thomas-Kilmann Inventory (TKI)
  • Workshop instructors should alert academic affairs of their needs in a timely manner by email.
  • Exceptions to this policy may be considered based on extenuating circumstances with approval from the ADAA and Dean.