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Faculty Webinar Series: Fall 2020

Autumn leaves with title "Fall Webinar Series"


TechLearn's fall 2020 webinar series is back and better than ever!  The Technology and Learning team will host monthly webinars that will include a variety of technology tools that are available to Pepperdine faculty.  In each of the hour webinars, the trainer will provide valuable resources and guidance to support the integration of technology and leave plenty of time for Q&A. 

Descriptions and Dates of the Fall Webinars

Five Pitfalls of Breakout Groups and How to Avoid Them with Dr. Lowe, GSEP

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 from 12 - 1 PM (PDT)

TechLearn will be collaborating with Dr. Lowe to cover Zoom's Breakout Rooms during live class sessions. 

Overview: Breakout groups have the potential to be a very meaningful part of our synchronous sessions or they can fall flat and be perceived as a waste of time.  During this webinar, Dr. Dennis Lowe, Professor of Psychology with GSEP, will demonstrate both the promise and pitfalls of breakout groups along with ways to maximize their effectiveness.  Join us to learn how to successfully prepare for breakout groups, monitor and interact with students while in groups, and enhance the debriefing discussion afterwards.  Learn more.

Do you have an idea that you would like presented at an upcoming webinar?  Please contact the TechLearn team at and share your thoughts!