Hangouts Meet


Start or join a video conference from anywhere.  With Hangouts Meet, you can hold HD video meetings and invite people from outside your organization using Chrome or Firefox.  Video calls support up to 100 participants at a time.  Learn how to use Hangouts Meet with the G Suite Learning Center, a Google managed interactive training tool.

Cool Features for your Virtual Meetings

Quick and Easy to Use:

Start a Hangouts Meet from your phone, computer, or conference room.  See all browser options on the Google Support Site.

Schedule Meetings:

When you schedule a meeting with Google Calendar, a Hangouts Meet video link will be included.

Synced Devices:

If you begin a meeting on your phone, switch to your computer or another device with ease.  Scheduled meetings automatically sync across devices.

Share a Window or Entire Screen During a Meet:

This shares your screen whenever you talk.  So, if someone else talks, they come up on screen, but your video feed has your screen share still showing.  Note: everyone can share their screen.


Dial-In or Dial-Out:

The dial-in feature allows other people to call in for audio access, and the dial-out feature allows members to add someone by phone to the meeting. 

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