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Courses Student Guides: Troubleshooting

For documentation and answers to common questions, please review our Courses Student Guide.



Not seeing a class site for your current semester?

  1. SEARCH YOUR "SITES" MENU.  The "Sites" menu at the top, right corner of Courses will display your available sites, organized by academic term.  Use the "Filter sites" box to find a specific class quickly (e.g. ENG 101).  The favorites bar in Courses will be ordered by the most recent enrollment date by default; newer sites will appear first.  Over time, this top bar can fill up and will max out at 15 sites.  If you are enrolled in more than 15 sites, your can find your additional enrollments in the "Sites" menu.  Click this button in the top navigation bar to see all of your sites organized by academic term; any project sites will display under the "Projects" heading.  Use the star icon to show or hide sites in your top bar.  Close the menu with the "X" icon to save your changes. 
    TIP: You can re-order your sites!  From the "Sites" menu, click "Organize Favorites" to customize the site order in the navigation bar.  Drag and drop sites with the three-line icon at the right.
  2. YOUR PROFESSOR MAY NEED TO "PUBLISH" THE SITE.  All class sites are created automatically before each academic term.  However, instructors need to publish the sites before students can see them.  If you have officially registered for the class, please consult with your instructor to see if he/she plans to use Courses/Sakai this term and if the site has been published.
  3. RECENTLY REGISTERED? PLEASE WAIT ONE BUSINESS DAY.  Enrollments for official university classes are automatically updated on Courses (powered by Sakai).  If you enrolled recently or on a weekend, your enrollment may not appear until the next business day. Updates happen at 8 AM and 4 PM each business day.