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H5P powers interactive activities like slide presentations, interactive video, branching scenarios, flip cards, and more.


H5P is an open-source tool that allows you to create interactive content and media and then embed it directly into your Courses LMS class sites. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing teaching workflows.

Pepperdine H5P Pilot

Pepperdine University is actively piloting H5P for academic use. Interested Pepperdine professors should contact TechLearn for a 1:1 consultation.

Content Type Examples

As an instructor, you can choose from many activity content types. Pepperdine will curate accessible H5P content types for academic use. Below, please find a few examples.

NOTE: Objects are responsive by design for multiple screen sizes. Resize your computer's browser window to adjust sizing, if needed.

  Mark the Words Game

This activity allows a professor to ask students to identify or "mark" the correct or specific words on the screen. Can you select all of the Pepperdine campuses in the example below? 

  Drag the Words Game

This is a matching game where the learner drags words from a list to the corresponding option, such as matching the correct curriculum to each school.

  Sort the Paragraphs Game

This is an ordering activity where the learner moves items or paragraphs into the correct sequence.

  Image Choice Game

Here, you can ask questions based on accessible image choices. TIP: You may need to resize your browser window (make it smaller or larger) to view the content for the best experience.