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This comprehensive guide covers several important, key areas, including:

  1. What is "Courses"?
  2. What tools do my instructors expect me to know?
  3. What best practices can I follow to use Courses effectively?
  4. Where can I get help when I get stuck or run into an obstacle?

Frequently Asked Questions

 Why don't I see my class listed in Courses?

The most common reasons that you may not see a class site:

  1. Your Professor May Need to Publish the Site. Your professor may plan on using Courses, but could still be designing the course site and simply hasn't published it yet. In addition, the use of the learning management system is at the discretion of each instructor. This means that if your professor doesn't plan to use Courses, then you will not see that site in your "Sites" menu. If you have officially enrolled more than one business day ago and searched for your site (see the next item), then please check with your professors to see if they plan to use the platform.
  2. Search Your "Sites" Menu. Your "Sites" menu (the grid icon) at the top right will list your active enrollments by the academic term. Use the "filter sites" box to search for your class. Use the star icon to show or hide sites in the top favorites bar of Courses. Use the "Organize Favorites" feature to reorder your sites in the top bar. The favorites bar is limited to 15 sites; if you reach the maximum, you will need to remove ("unstar") older favorites to see new ones.
  3. Newly Registered? Please Wait a Day. Class enrollment information is updated each business day. If you just registered for a class, you should see the site appear by the next business day. As stated above, whether or not you see a site will depend on whether your professor has published the site.

Learn more about searching for class sites.

 Why won't Courses let me log in?

The most common reasons you cannot access Courses:

  1. Expired, Forgotten, or Incorrect Password. If you typed in the wrong password or the wrong NetworkID, your login will fail. Check your spelling and see whether the CAPS LOCK key is on. If you recently changed your password, it's possible that your password manager or web browser has the old version saved. Re-enter your NetworkID and your password carefully. If necessary, reset your password using the MyID password management service.
  2. Recently Reset Your Password? Did You Update Your Mobile Devices? If you recently reset your Pepperdine password, one of your mobile devices may have the old password stored (to check email, for example).  If that happens, your phone or tablet may be "locking" your Pepperdine NetworkID account. To protect you, our systems will temporarily lock an account after too many attempts with the wrong password. Check your mobile devices and update the password in each. The temporary lock lasts for one hour, or you can call IT's Tech Central at 310.506.4357 to see if your account can be unlocked faster.

 What is Turnitin and where can I learn more about it?

Turnitin is an online plagiarism detection service that is fully integrated with the Assignments tool in Courses (powered by Sakai). 

  1. Submitting a Turnitin assignment is easy. Be sure to view the documentation on how to submit a Turnitin assignment
  2. You must wait a short duration to view your Turnitin report. Within about an hour, you can view your Turnitin report in Courses. 

 Why can't I submit my assignment or test?

The most common reasons that you cannot submit an assignment or test:

  1. Past the Deadline. If the due date for an assignment, forum, or assessment has passed, you will not be able to submit. Check the activity details and dates, and make sure that you haven't missed the deadline or "accept until" date.
  2. Maximum Attempts Exceeded. Some activities will allow re-submission, and others will not. It depends on how your instructor has configured the activity. Check the activity details and the number of attempts allowed and the number of attempts remaining.

Please see Assignments Tips or Tests & Quizzes Tips for the full list of recommendations and requirements.

 How can I update my name pronunciation in Courses?

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