Wildfire Information: Pepperdine Monitoring Wildfires – Updates #12 Updated at Nov. 15, 10:54 a.m.

Contact Accounts Payable

Jeremy Marrs x1383
Director of Systems, Payables, and Purchasing

Susan Armstrong  x1399
Accounts Payable Manager

Tracey Swauger  x1372
Accounts Payable Lead Analyst, Suppliers

Lauren Edwards x1393
Accounts Payable Specialist

Mayra Cortes  x1384
Accounts Payable Analyst, Employee & Student Reimbursements

Yolanda Vega x1367
Accounts Payable Analyst, Suppliers

Gloria Schimmel x1398
Credit Card Analyst

Lindsey Campbell x1390
Credit Card Analyst


Accounts Payable Fax Number: x1361
Accounts Payable Mail Code: 4721

If calling from outside Pepperdine dial (818) 702 + the number as listed above.

Last Updated: 08/15/2018