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eCommerce Services

Pepperdine eCommerce Services is managed by the Controller's Office. Schools and departments can establish themselves as merchants to sell goods and services on the web.

The eCommerce team is committed to sound financial practices, compliance with all applicable regulatory and tax statutes, and the security of all cardholder and transaction data. In support of this commitment, the Controller's Office partners with Integrated Marketing Communications, Internal Audit, and Information Security, to manage and maintain ongoing compliance with PCI DSS Requirements.

How eCommerce Is Used

Pepperdine schools and departments can use eCommerce Services in a variety of ways:

  • Selling Physical Goods
    Use TRANSACT Payment eMarket to administer online stores with products, and securely collect payment.
  • Event Registration
    Use TRANSACT Payment eMarket to host event sites and registration pages, collect data from event participants, and securely collect credit card payments.
  • University Donations
    Use TRANSACT Payment eMarket , in most cases in conjunction with PAN Online application, for University donations.