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Campus Commerce

All University business activities involving sales of goods and services must be substantially related to supporting the University's mission.

The Controller's Office is responsible for the oversight of all University campus commerce activities to ensure:

  • sound financial practices
  • compliance with all applicable regulatory and tax statutes
  • security of all customer data

Schools and departments must be authorized by the Controller's Office before engaging in any business activity involving sales of goods and services to insure operational efficiency throughout the University. All funds must be deposited timely and to the appropriate chartfield string.


How to Develop a Sales Activity

  1. Define the sales activity, its purpose and desired venues
  2. Review Selling Goods and Services and Cash Handling
  3. Gain support/approval from your supervisor and the Major Area Budget Manager
  4. Obtain approval from the Controller's Office by contacting Jeremy Marrs, Executive Director of Finance Operations
  5. For sales activity on the web usingTRANSACT Payment, eMarket, download and complete the Web Store Setup Questionnaire