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Employee Reimbursements Glossary

Employee Reimbursements Definitions

Expense Report:  A request for reimbursement of funds spent out-of-pocket on behalf of the University. Also, a Travel Cash Advance is reconciled using an Expense Report.

Travel Cash Advance:  A request for funds to be paid in advance of travel to offset anticipated expenses.

HR Supervisor:  The person to whom the payee reports; the first level of Travel & Expense approval.

Expense Approver:  The payee's Level 1 budget approver; the second level of Travel & Expense approval.

Prepay Auditor:  Designated Finance employees authorized to finalize the approval process and stage the reimbursement or advance for payment.

Pooled:  Both the Expense Approver and the Prepay Auditor levels have multiple approvers available. Anyone with Financials access to the payee's Department ID is able to approve the expense report or travel cash advance.

Expense Report/Travel Cash Advance Status Definitions

Pending:  The report has been saved but not submitted for approval, or the report has been sent back for revision and has not yet been re-submitted.

Submitted for Approval:  The report has been submitted to, but not yet approved by, the HR Supervisor

Approvals in Process:  At least one level of approval has been completed, but not all of them.

Approved:  HR and Expense approvals are complete; report is awaiting approval by the PrePay Auditor (Accounts Payable).

Approved for Payment:  The PrePay Auditor (Accounts Payable) has approved the report for payment.

Staged and Posted:  The report has been queued for payment on the next check run.

Paid and Posted:  The check has been printed or the funds have been transferred electronically.

Denied:  The request for reimbursement or for an advance has been denied and the Expense Report or Travel Cash Advance has been canceled.

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