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Profile Settings

In OpenInvoice you can change many of your notification settings and profile information.

  1. To view or edit your profile information click Membership -> My Profile

    My Profile

  2. There are a number of tabs under "My Profile"
    • Summary – Gives you a snapshot of your profile info: name, phone number, email, etc., notification settings, as well as which sites and departments you are a member of.
    • Profile – Where you are able to edit your name, email address and phone numbers
    • Preferences – Where you are able to edit your email notification settings. Here you can choose which actions you will be notified of via your Pepperdine email. Unless you visit OpenInvoice on a daily basis, it is recommended that you leave your default notifications on.


    • Delegations – If you are going to be taking an extended leave, you can set up delegates. Delegates have all your viewing/approving privileges for the time you specify. You can specify a different delegate for each site that you are a member of.


    • Security Questions – At any time you can change the security questions required for retrieving your OpenInvoice password
    • Change Password – If you wish to change your password simply type in your current password and verify your new password.

Last Updated: 08/19/2015