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Supplier Instructions

How to Submit an Invoice

Instead of mailing invoices to the Pepperdine University Accounts Payable Office, you will submit an invoice via e-mail to OpenInvoice.  Approvers at Pepperdine University will be notified by e-mail that the invoice is available for review.  If everything is satisfactory they can approve it electronically. This will help accelerate the approval process at Pepperdine.

To have invoices processed as quickly as possible, submit the invoice via e-mail. Please use the following guidelines when you e-mail an invoice:

E-mail invoices to:


Subject Line: Pepperdine University, Invoice #

  • E-mail only one invoice and backup detail at a time.
  • Ensure department's name and the company's contact's name are clearly referenced.
  • Ensure the invoice number and Purchase Order number are clearly defined on the invoice.
  • The e-mail body will not be read or interpreted; only attachments will be detached and processed.
  • Attachments should not exceed 6.0 Mb in size.
  • Preferred attachment format is .pdf, in as close to 300dpi resolution as possible.
  • Do not e-mail zipped files.
  • When possible, combine the invoice and detail in the same attachment with the invoice first followed by the detail (** Only 1 invoice with associated backup per attachment will be accepted).
  • 8 ½ x 11" paper with black lettering.
  • Do not send the same invoice multiple times.
  • Verify e-mail address is correct prior to submitting.

Last Updated: 06/20/2023