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Labor Distribution Change

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Department: This is used when the majority of the employees in the Department have the same Chartfield String. Only finance can make the decision to assign the Chartfield to the Department level. As a budget manager you should try to avoid Department level funding.

Position: This should be the most commonly used funding level. Assigning the Chartfield string at the position level minimizes maintenance. Regardless if there is an incumbent or not the Chartfield string will always be assigned. The budget manager will not have to re-submit this information to Finance every time someone is hired

Appointment: The appointment level is only used when there is a position with multiple incumbents and the employee's Chartfield string is different than the Chartfield string assigned to the position. Paperwork will need to be submitted every time someone is hired to the Chartfield string different then the position.

LCD Process
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*Note: Please keep in mind that regardless of funding level if an HR Dept ID on an Employee or position is changed, a new Labor Distribution Change request needs to be submitted regardless of any existing funding.