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How to Request Access

Finance Access Form

Below is the step-by-step tutorial on how to submit the Finance Access Form to gain financials access for yourself or another employee.

Login to your WaveNet portal.

Navigate to the Employee tab at the top. Click PeopleSoft Security Access.

WaveNet Logon


Click Request/Modify Access.


Finance Access

Click Add New Value.

Enter the Empl ID (Campus Wide ID) or click the Look Up icon to search by name.



It is recommended to search by Last Name for desired results. To yield more specific results, add a First Name as well.



Click on the desired employee name. Click Add.




Now you have arrived at the Financials Access Form. Click the Look Up icon to search for your Major Area Budget Manager (MABM) Approver.

Click on the desired name.

Next, choose the Requested Change Date for the Finance Access to be activated. Click the calendar icon to select a date.



Next, click the Look Up icon to search for the appropriate department.




In the drop down box, it may be necessary to use the Contains feature to find your specific department.



Multiple departments may be entered by clicking the + symbol icon, thus adding a new row.



General User section-select the check box for one or more security access roles.

  • Credit Card Access – chartfield reallocation and monthly billing substantiation
  • Simpler Reporting Tool – budget, transaction and payroll reports
  • Query Viewer – run/schedule and view queries
  • Travel & Expense Entry – employee reimbursement for out of pocket expenses
  • Requisition Requestor – procurement of goods and services
  • Level 1 Requisition Approver – approves purchases of $12.5K or less Level 2

  • Requisition Approver – approves purchases between $12.5K and $25K



After you have selected the desired security access roles, click Submit for Approval at the bottom.



After clicking Submit for Approval, there are two possible results:

For users requesting finance access for themselves:

The Statement of User Responsibility appears. Check the "I Agree" box and then click Submit.

For users requesting finance access for someone else:

An email notification will be sent to the employee whom the form was requested for stating that their Finance Access Form is awaiting their approval. In order to learn how to approve access, visit our How to Approve Access page.

In the case where a "user profile" does not yet exist, an error message will appear when attempting to submit for approval. Follow the instructions on the error message of how to acquire a user profile.


Last Updated: 11/28/2018