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BrowserCheck by Qualys


The most effective cyber defense is to keep your computer up-to-date with the latest security patches. Use the "Check Your Browser Now" button to install the plug-in in your browser. Afterward, let BrowserCheck help keep your machine invulnerable to cyber attacks.

Working with BrowserCheck

  • You may be asked to install a plug-in for BrowserCheck; this is safe and gives much better results and security.
  • You may be asked to add Qualys to your list of trusted sites; this is safe and is required by some browsers to enable the plug-in.
  • ISO recommends you make BrowserCheck your home page. Check your defense every time you open your browser!

More about BrowserCheck

  • Gathers no personal data; sends no spam to you.
  • Cross-platform and cross-browser compatible: the way things should be done!
  • We are using the "Business Edition" that gives us anonymized statistics about browser brand, version, and installed plug-ins, as well as data on vulnerabilities. This helps us know how the Pepperdine community is doing without detailed tracking to maintain internet security.


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