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Adding Money to Your ID Card with Waves Cash Global


To add money to your Pepperdine ID card with Waves Cash Global, follow the instructions below.

Money deposited onto Pepperdine ID cards can ONLY be used for:

  • Meals at Malibu campus cafeteria locations
  • Printing at Pepperdine libraries and computer labs
  • Photocopies at Pepperdine libraries and computer labs

DO NOT put money on your ID card for tuition, housing, other meal plans or any other student account purposes.

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Option #1:

Online Service

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Deposit into a Student or Community User Card’s Account."
  3. Enter Student’s CWID (Campus Wide ID) and click “Continue.”

  4. Enter the amount to deposit and an email for a receipt and then click "Continue."
  5. Complete the credit card (Visa and MasterCard only) holder information.
  6. Click "Submit."
  7. Log out and close the browser.

Option #2:

Visit OneStop (Students Only)

  1. Visit OneStop in the Thornton Administrative Center.
  2. Payment methods accepted are cash or check.
  3. Payments are immediately applied to the ID card.

Waves Cash

There are two types of funds that may be added to Pepperdine ID cards for use in a debit card fashion. For every dollar that is added, there is one corresponding point on the ID card. Points or Waves Cash from one transaction may not be spread across multiple ID cards.

Waves Cash - any amount of money that may be used for tax-free purchase of FOOD ONLY at any food establishment on Pepperdine's Malibu campus. These points are automatically added to your ID Card by Housing and Residence Life when you choose your room and board plan. Additional points can only be added by purchasing at One Stop.

Waves Cash Global - any amount of money that may be used for tax-free purchase of food at any food establishment on Pepperdine's Malibu campus, photocopies at copiers equipped with a card swipe unit, or printing in Pepperdine computer labs where print stations exist with a card swipe unit. These points can be added anytime, anywhere through Pepperdine's One Card Web Deposit System. NOTE: Money added to ID cards CANNOT be applied toward tuition, housing, student accounts or other meal plans.

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