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How to Print at Pepperdine


At Pepperdine, you can print from a web browser or directly from your computer and then wait to pick up your job at the network printer that provides the most convenient location and time for you.

Add Money to your Pepperdine ID Card

Any active member of the Pepperdine community wanting to print in a Pepperdine library or computer lab may add money to their Pepperdine ID Card

Guest/Visitor Printing with Pre-Paid Cards

Pre-paid cards allow guests to the University to print from any computer, including their own laptop, to any printer on campus.


Visit the FAQ for commonly asked questions regarding printing at Pepperdine or call the Help Desk at 310-506-4357 (HELP).

From Your Browser

 Web Print with PaperCut from Any Computer

  1. Navigate to copierprint.pepperdine.edu and login using your Pepperdine username and password.
  2. Once you've logged in, select "Web Print" from the tab on the left. Then, select "Submit a Job."
  3. Select the printer to which you'd like to print your document:
      • "walnut\FindMeBW (virtual)" for black-and-white prints, double-sided
      • "walnut\FindMeColor (virtual)" for color prints, double-sided
      • "walnut\FindMeBWSingleSided (virtual)" for black-and-white prints, single-sided
      • "walnut\FindMeColorSingleSided (virtual)" for color prints, single-sided
  4. Choose the number of copies you'd like to print.
    • IMPORTANT. To keep the print queues running smoothly, there is a maximum of 10 copies per print job. If you need more than 10 copies of a document, send multiple print jobs.
  5. Upload your document for printing. PaperCut's Web Print only accepts image files and PDF documents
  6. Go to any Sharp copier and swipe your Pepperdine ID card. Select the job(s) to release and retrieve your document from the print tray. Guests and visitors can release the print job by entering their PaperCut login.

From Your Computer

 Mac Computer

Install FindMeBW and FindMeBW on a Computer You Own:

  1. Download the Mac Driver.
  2. Install the driver by opening the image file from the download.
  3. Go to System Preferences > Printers and Scanners.

    System Preferences


  4. Click "+" to add a new printer.

    Add new printer window

  5. Control-click the toolbar; then select Customize Toolbar.
  6. Drag the Advanced icon onto the bar; then click Advanced.
  7. In the "Type" drop down menu, select "Windows printer via spoolss".
  8. Enter the Device URL, smb://walnut/FindMeBW or smb://walnut/FindMeColor, depending on the current printer you are installing.
  9. In "Name", enter FindMeBW or FindMeColor depending on the current printer you are installing.


    Advanced Settings

  10. In the "Use" drop down menu, click "Select Software."

    Select Software

  11. Select Sharp MX 4070N PPD and click OK.

    Printer Software

  12. Click Add.
  13. Input Tray Options: Four Trays
  14. Output Tray options: Finisher
  15. Punch Module: Three Holes


    Advanced Settings

  16. Click "+" and repeat 7-12 for both FindMeBW or FindMeColor depending on which one you have already installed.
  17. Now, when you print to FindMeBW or FindMeColor, a window asking for your credentials should pop-up. If you are staff or faculty, enter your ****"Pepperdine\"**** Network ID and password. If you are a student, add "student\" before your Network ID and enter your password as usual.Name and Password
  18. Go to any Sharp copier and swipe your Pepperdine ID card. Select the job(s) to release and retrieve your document from the print tray.

 Windows Computer

Install FindMeBW and FindMeBW on a Computer You Own:

  1. Open up Control panel and select "Credential Manager".Control Panel Window
  2. Select "Windows Credentials" then "Add Windows Credentials".Credential Manager
  3. For Network address, enter "\\walnut". For Username, enter "student\NetworkID" and your Wavenet password.Windows Credentials
  4. Click OK.
  5. Go back to Control Panel and click on "Hardware and Sound".Control Panel
  6. Then click on "Devices and Printers".Hardware and Sound
  7. Select "Add a printer".Devices and Printers
  8. Click on "The printer that I want isn't listed".Add A Device Window
  9. Select shared printer by name and type "\\walnut\findmebw".Add a Printer
  10. Click next, then Finish.
  11. To add color printing, follow Steps 7 to 10 using "\\walnut\FindMeColor" instead.

For shared accounts, follow steps below to install Papercut pop up client:

  1. Open a new explorer window (not Internet Explorer).
  2. Enter the following in the address bar: "\\walnut".
  3. Locate and open the folder PCCLIENT.
  4. Open the WIN folder and double-click on the CLIENT-LOCAL-INSTALL installer.
  5. Accept the UAC if prompted.
  6. Enter your network credentials.
  7. Run through the installer and leave all of the default settings.
  8. Leave the checkbox checked to LAUNCH CLIENT
  9. Click FINISH

Tech Central

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