Information Security


The mission of the Information Security Office is to help our colleagues protect student data and maintain trust in the University.

Contact Us

Please send your security questions, consulting and operational requests by email to infosec -at- Report information breaches and other urgent issues by phone at 310 506 4040.

5 ways ISO helps you protect student and University information:
Training, Consulting, Policy, Systems & Incident Response


1 - Training

  • NEW - try our Information Security Short Video Library
  • We love teaching and learning from our colleagues and students.
  • Annual training events include:
    • New Student Orientation talks and welcome table in August.
    • October National Cyber Security Awareness campaign.
    • Information Security for Managers Roadshow every Spring.
  • Training for students: An online class is available to all students on Courses. In addition, the information security office will be on hand distributing security awareness materials to all schools at August ID Card events and visits National Cybersecurity Awareness month in October. We hope to meet many of you at those events.
  • Training for departments and academic divisions: An online security class is available for staff and faculty. Separately there is a more focused 15 minute presentation on phishing tailored for department meetings, which is followed up by 'testing' the attendees with simulated phishing messages. If you are a department or division head, please contact to arrange for this training.

2 - Consulting

  • Need to find a secure way to efficiently do your business? Call us, x4040.

3 - Usable policy, guidelines and standards

  • ISO doesn't make policy but we advise those that do.
  • Our goal is workable, secure policies, guidelines and standards.
  • Pepperdine has security policy comparable with the best of our peer institutions.

4 - Security systems and services (view our service catalog)

  • Our firewalls, network access control and intrusion detection systems stop tens of thousands of attacks daily, from the Internet and on-campus nets. 
  • The spam filter stops 99+% of spam, phishing and email viruses.

5 - Analysis & incident handling.

  • We analyze network intrusion events and teach our systems new defenses every week.
  • When something goes wrong, we work to get out the facts on what happened.