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Below please find the most frequently asked questions for the Unity voicemail system at Pepperdine University. 

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 Is there documentation for Unity?

Here is a number guide that includes shortcuts:

 What are my voice messaging user ID and password?

For computer access your voice messaging user ID and password is your NetworkID and password. For telephone access your voice messaging user ID and password is your four-digit voice mailbox number (typically the directory number someone calls to leave you a message) and a password that you as a subscriber have set in the system. Voicemail password reset instructions.

 What are the subscription costs for voice messaging?

Contact the Network Services department for this information. They can be reached at 310-506-4787.

 How many voicemail messages can I have in my voicemail box at any point in time?

All voicemail messages are stored exclusively in the Google mailbox.  Currently there is no mailbox size limit.

 How large are voicemail messages?

File size depends on the length of each voicemail.  Typically they are a few MB in size.

 How long are my voicemail messages saved?

Messages will be stored as long as you do not cause them to be deleted, until the Gmail account is discontinued.  You can manage voicemail messages like any other kind of message.  You can delete messages, move messages to other folders, and or they can be downloaded to your local computer.

 How can I manage my voice messages?

Voicemail messages can be played, replied to, forwarded, and deleted from either a telephone or computer. Additionally, messages can be moved to other Gmail folders or saved to local drives from a computer.

 What happens when my mailbox fills up?

This is no longer possible, with your Gmail you will have unlimited space to save you voicemails.

 Will a caller receive notification if a message can not be delivered?

The caller will not be notified by telephone of the inability to deliver the message to the recipient.  If the caller is another Unity subscriber, sending from their own phone or computer, the sender will receive a non-delivery message in their own Google mail inbox, stating that their message could not be delivered.

 What are the characteristics of a Unity password?

A Unity password consists of numbers only and must be at least 4 numbers long.

 Can I change the number of rings which occur before a caller is forwarded to the voicemail system (the standard is four)?

No, this cannot be changed.

 Will my Unity password ever expire and will I be forced to change it?

Unity passwords never expire.

 Why are new messages not being delivered to my voicemail box?

Although unlikely, this can only happen if the voicemail box has been disable or deleted. Please contact Network Services at ext 4787 for further troubleshooting.

 My message waiting indicator on my phone is flashing, but I don't have any new messages? Why is it flashing?

The voicemail light indicator on the telephone should not flash.  This feature with Gmail is not compatible.  All voicemails should appear in your email box(s) if there is a mailbox that is assigned to you specifically.  Some department extensions can also have a dedicated voicemail box or pushed to a specific designated email address whether it is shared or not.

Note: If the message indicator is in a flashing state, you can turn off the light indicator by lifting the handset, acquiring a dial tone, and dialing 1703 on your keypad.

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