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Is there documentation for Unity?

Here is a number guide that includes shortcuts: http://community.pepperdine.edu/it/services/phone/voicemail/guide.htm

What are my voice messaging user ID and password?

For computer access your voice messaging user ID and password is your NetworkID and password. For telephone access your voice messaging user ID and password is your four-digit voice mailbox number (typically the directory number someone calls to leave you a message) and a password that you as a subscriber have set in the system. Voicemail password reset instructions.

What are the subscription costs for voice messaging?

Contact the Telephone Billing department for this information. They can be reached at (310) 506-6736.

How many voicemail messages can I have in my voicemail box at any point in time?

All voicemail messages are stored exclusively in the Exchange mailbox. Message limits are dictated by your Exchange mailbox size limit.

How large are voicemail messages?

A 60 second message consumes 480K of disk storage in the subscriber's Exchange inbox.

How long are my voicemail messages saved?

Since Unity stores all voicemail messages in the subscriber's Exchange inbox, storage practices are a function of the management of your Exchange inbox. It will be stored there as long as you do not cause it to be deleted. You can manage voicemail messages like any other kind of message. You can delete messages, move messages to other folders, and save messages to your local computer.

How can I manage my voice messages?

Voicemail messages can be played, replied to, forwarded, and deleted from either a telephone or computer. Additionally, messages can be moved to other Exchange folders and saved to local drives from a computer.

NOTE: Deleting a message from a telephone or from within Outlook results in the message being moved from the Exchange Inbox to the Deleted Items folder.

What happens when my mailbox fills up?a

Unity will still take the new voice message and attempt to deliver it to your Exchange mailbox. When it detects that the Exchange mailbox is full, it forwards the voice message to the Unity System Administrator (SA) overflow mailbox. This general overflow mailbox however, does not mark who the message was for and does not have the function to redeliver the voice messages once the users' mailboxes have enough space. Eventually, these messages are purged from the overflow mailbox. It is imperative that you make sure that their mailboxes are kept within the set limits to avoid losing valuable information.

Note: Faxes do not go to the overflow mailbox. All faxes - full Exchange mailbox or not - go to a mirrored fax mailbox that exists for each customer who subscribes to the fax option.

Will a caller receive notification if a message can not be delivered?

The caller will not be notified by telephone of the inability to deliver the message to the recipient. If the caller is another Unity subscriber, sending from their own phone or computer, the sender will receive a non-delivery message in their own Exchange mailbox, stating that their message could not be delivered.

Note: No non-delivery message is created for undeliverable faxes in a full Exchange mailbox situation.

What are the characteristics of a Unity password?

A Unity password consists of numbers only and must be at least 4 numbers long.

Can I change the number of rings which occur before a caller is forwarded to the voicemail system (the standard is four)?

No, this cannot be changed.

Will my Unity password ever expire and will I be forced to change it?

Unity passwords never expire.

Why are new messages not being delivered to my voicemail box?

When a you have reached the storage limits within Exchange, you are no longer be able to receive voice or email messages. You will need to clean out some of your existing messages before you can accept new messages.

My message waiting indicator on my phone is flashing, but I don't have any new messages? Why is it flashing?

The Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) will flash if there are any unread voice mail messages in the Exchange inbox.

NOTE: An Exchange message header will normally appear in bold in the Inbox if it is unread, and un-bold if it is read, if the subscriber is using Outlook.

After confirming that there are no unread voice mail messages in the your inbox, if the MWI is still flashing, leave a test voice message, then retrieve and delete it, and see if that clears the MWI from flashing unnecessarily.

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