Voicemail Number Guide

Logging in to the Voicemail System

  1. Dial (310) 506-4002
  2. Press the * key
  3. Enter your voicemail ID number (this will be the last four digits of your phone number or 4-digit extension)
  4. Enter your voicemail password/PIN

Main Tasks


1 to hear a new message
2 to send a message
3 to review old messages
4 to go to setup options

During Messages


1 to repeat
2 to save
3 to delete
7 to rewind 3 seconds
8 to pause or continue
9 to fast forward 3 seconds

After a Message


1 to repeat
2 to save
3 to delete
4 to reply
5 to forward the message to another subscriber
6 to mark the message as new (unread)
7 to rewind 3 seconds
9 to hear the message summary


4-1-1: Change greetings
4-1-2: Turn alternate greeting on or off
4-2-1: Change message notification
4-2-3: Full or brief menus
4-3-1: Change password
4-3-2: Change recorded name
4-3-3: Change directory listing status


Press 0 for Conversation Help
Press * to Cancel or Back up
Press # to Skip or Move Ahead

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