Network File Sharing Information

Sharing network files can be especially useful for groups or individuals working on collaborative projects with large files. For support in using shared files, faculty, staff, and students should call the Pepperdine  Service Desk at (310) 506-4357.

Individuals - File Sharing Between Individuals

If the work of one or two individuals requires on-going access to another work group's S: (shared) network disk drive, complete a Network Resources Request Form to provide each individual with access to the files.

Groups - Multiple Groups Using U: Drive Space

If one or more work groups need to share information on an on-going basis, complete a Network Resources Request Form to create a new space on the U: drive that will be accessible to both groups. U: drive space is charged $3.25 per month for each one gigabyte (GB) increment. This charge will appear on the department's monthly telecommunication bill.

Printer Access - Access to A Networked Printer

If your work requires you to have access to an additional network printer, complete a Network Resources Request form. There is no charge for creating the access to another networked disk drive or printer.

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