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Security Tips: Quick Lock


Lock Your Workstation When You are Away From it

You should lock your computer when you leave your workstation, even for a short time.  And your computer should have a locking screen saver on a timeout of no more than 15 minutes. Below are instructions on (1) how to lock your computer when you get up from it; and (2) a link to how to set up a screen saver to lock it for you, if you forget.

Before you step away from your computer for more than a minute, here are some quick and easy ways to lock your Macintosh or Windows computer.


To activate the screen saver using a hot corner:

  1. Under the Apple icon, select System Preferences
  2. On the Desktop & Screen Saver panel, click the Screen Saver tab
  3. Click the Hot Corners button
  4. Decide which corner of your screen you'd like to use; then click the corresponding pop-up menu and select Start Screen Saver

Now when it's time to walk away from your computer, just fling your mouse into that corner of the screen, and you'll trigger the screen saver.


  1. Type CTRL/ALT/DEL keys
  2. Click the Lock Computer button, OR:
  3. Type Windows/L keys

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