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Security Tips: Sharing


Open Shares

Computer files, folders, and peripheral equipment (most often, printers) have a “share” feature, which allows you to invite others to view the contents of your file or folder, or use your equipment.  Sharing with "Everyone" is known as an "open share," which means anyone in the world can access that item.

Do not set up a printer, folder, or file to be shared by "Everyone," which is the default setting for the Windows sharing feature.  Share files, folders, and printers with names of actual Pepperdine people.

Open shares are an excellent way for computer hackers and virus writers to take control of your computer to infect it and other computers on our network and the Internet.  This can also slow down your computer and the network while your computer system constantly broadcasts to the Internet that it has an item for use by anyone.

Windows computer users can quickly find out if any of their personal files, folders, or devices are being shared with anyone by following these steps:

  1. Click your START button.
  2. Select Run...
  3. Type \\computer-name
    Note: To find your computer-name, right-click on My Computer; select Properties; then select the Computer Name tab.
  4. A window will appear, showing a list of items that are currently being shared.
  5. To fully check and change the share settings for a particular item, you should navigate directly to it through Windows; and right-click to select the Sharing and Security property.

Macintosh computer users can also determine and correct any of their personal files, folders or devices that are being shared to the world (Everyone) by following these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences; select the "Sharing" icon.
  2. Check to see if either File Sharing, Screen Sharing, or Printer Sharing are checked.
  3. If any one of the items are checked, others can have access to your Macintosh computer.
  4. Change the permissions set for "Everyone" under the Users list to "No Access."

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