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Printing FAQ


You can print documents from any computer to any printer at any campus.  Send your documents wirelessly from your laptop or from your computer from anywhere.  Below are frequently asked questions about Pepperdine copying and printing.  

Print Setup

 Can I print to FindMeBW and release the job from a color machine?

  • Yes.  Color printers can release jobs sent to FindMeBW or FindMeColor.  You will be charged according to the content of the document and the queue to which that the job was sent.  If a document sent to FindMeColor has one color page and one page of black and white text, the print queue will recognize the black and white page and will charge one color print and one black and white print for a total of 41¢.  Color documents sent to FindMeBW will print as black and white and only cost 6¢ per page.

  • IMPORTANT: Black and White machines can release print jobs sent to FindMeColor, so be sure that you are releasing the job from a color printer and not a Black and White printer.  Again, You will be charged according to the print queue to which that the job was sent and not the physical printer to which the job was released.  See the locations of Color and Black & White printers here.

 How do I print from my personal computer?

See all the printing options here.

 Will I be able to print from public computers in a library or computer lab?

Yes, public Pepperdine computers will all be able to print to FindMeBW and FindMeColor.  Because they are public, a pop-up client will appear asking you to enter your Pepperdine credentials each time you print.

 Can I really print from anywhere?

Yes, all of the printing options allow you to send a print job to a campus printer.

 Where do I find the printer drivers for my personal computer?

No drivers are needed to use Web Print or Google Cloud Print.  If you have a Mac computer, you can see directions for installing the printer here.  Staff and Faculty members should contact the IT Service Desk set up their computer for printing to a departmental computer.

 Who do I call if I have problems installing a Pepperdine network printer to my computer?

Please call Tech Central at 310.506.4357 (HELP).

 Can I use my personal wireless printer in the student residences at Pepperdine?

No.  Wireless printers are prohibited at all campuses and student residences (Seaver and Drescher student residences and the Page Apartments) with wireless coverage.  Wireless printers interfere with the Pepperdine wireless signal.  When discovered, these devices will be shut down.  Learn more about wireless devices here.

Using the Printer

 Who do we contact when our departmental Sharp copier runs out of toner?

Please contact the on-site Sharp technician at x4593 or 877.686.5277.  Graduate Campuses should only use 877.686.5277.

 How long does my account stay logged into the printer?

Two minutes.

 How much does it cost to print per page?

The cost is 6¢ a side for black and white and 35¢ a side for color.

 How long will my document sit in the printer's release station?

Documents will sit in the release station for 24 hours from the time it is sent from your computer.  After 24 hours the document will be deleted.

 Can a deleted document be recovered?

No.  Computer lab staff are not responsible for deleted documents and are not able to retrieve deleted documents.

 How do I add money to my Pepperdine ID?

Please visit to add funds to your Pepperdine ID card.

 How do I retrieve a print job that I've sent to FindMeBW or FindMeColor?

Go to any Sharp copier and log into your account by tapping your Pepperdine ID card or by entering your Pepperdine credentials using the touch screen or physical keyboard.  Select the job(s) to release and retrieve your document from the print tray.

 If my account is out of funds, can a staff member release a job for me?

No.  The print queue is linked directly to your Pepperdine account and ID card.  Staff members are not liable for, or have access to, a print job created by a student.

 Can I get my money back if my print job did not come out properly?

Pepperdine only refunds students if they have a lost print job and the printer failed to print the pages.  Only print jobs meeting the minimum $5 requirement are eligible for a refund by submitting a technology service request form.

 When using Web Print, how do I print either single-sided or double-sided?

When selecting the device for your Web Print job, choose the option for your desired output.  In addition to color or black-and-white options, you'll want to select whether you want to print single-sided or double-sided.  The options are listed below.

    • "walnut\FindMeBW (virtual)" for black and white prints, double-sided
    • "walnut\FindMeColor (virtual)" for color prints, double-sided
    • "walnut\FindMeBWSingleSided (virtual)" for black and white prints, single-sided
    • "walnut\FindMeColorSingleSided (virtual)" for color prints, single-sided

Pre-Paid Cards

 Are there other locations that will offer pre-paid print cards?

As of right now, only the University libraries will be offering print cards for guest printing.

 If I'm a guest at Pepperdine can I print to a campus printer?

Yes.  University libraries will be able to provide Pre-paid print cards.  Guests will then set up a guest account via Papercut on and redeem the pre-paid card.  Click here for full instructions.

 Can the copier differentiate between funds from a pre-paid card and Waves Cash Global funds?

No.  The copier will charge any balance from a pre-paid card in PaperCut first.  Once this balance is exhausted, money will be taken from the Waves Cash Global funds connected to the Pepperdine Account and ID Card.  If both accounts have insufficient funds, the print job will be denied.  It is up to the employer and employee to make sure the amount of printing matches the funds provided by the pre-paid card.

 How many pages should I expect to get from the various levels of pre-paid card.

See a pricing breakdown for the number of pages by dollar amount here.

Shared Accounts

 Who will use Shared Accounts?

  • Professors/employees that teach/work at multiple schools/areas (can charge the correct department they are printing for)
  • Employees with complex LDC chartstring distributions
  • Student workers (separate personal funds from work funds)
  • Federal grants
  • Special projects/events
  • Sponsored guests (external auditor, vendor, etc.)
  • Please consult your budget manager

 Are there limitations on who I can put on a security list?

There is no limitation on who you can put on the list (you can add any person in university or PaperCut guest accounts to your lists).

 How often will updates to security lists take?

Security lists will be updated daily in the morning.  If you make edits to your lists (or add a new list) throughout the day, expect changes to reflect the next morning.

 Where can I find a user's networkID?

If you search in your Google Contacts for the user, accessed through your Google Mail log in, the networkID will be on the user's contact card.

 Why does my balance show a negative number?

All Faculty and Staff are unrestricted print users.  This means that your balance is effectively ignored, as charges are done in Interdepartmental Recharges.  Students and guests will be restricted users, they will need a positive balance to print for personal reasons.

 How do I make PaperCut start up automatically on a Mac?

  1. System Preferences > Users & Groups
  2. Select Login Items
  3. Hit the "+" sign and add "PCClient" to the list

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