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Cisco Telephone Quick Reference Guide

Cisco Telephone

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Basic Calling Advanced Calling
Place a Call Hold a Call Place a Conference Call
Answer a Call Transfer a Call Ad Hoc Conference Call
End a Call Call Forwarding  
Redial a Number View Call History  
Speed Dial Soft Keys Descriptions  
Call From Local Directories    

Place a Call

Lift handset and dial four-digit extension or

Dial four-digit extension and then lift the handset.

To place a call to an outside number:

Lift handset and dial 9 and then 1 and then the number with the area code.

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Answer a Call

Lift the handset. or

Press the Speaker button. or

If you're using a headset press the Headset button.

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End a Call

Hang up. or

If you are using a headset, press the Headset or EndCall button.

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Redial a Number

Lift the headset, press the Redial button. or

If you're using speakerphone, press the Redial button.

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Hold a Call

Press the Hold button.

To retrieve a held call press the Resume. or

To retrieve multiple calls, use the Navigation button to select the call, then press Resume. or

To retrieve a call on multiple lines, press the line button of the line you want to pick up.

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Transfer a Call

Blind Transfer

  1. Press Trnsfr.
  2. Then dial the four-digit extension you want to transfer to.

Consultative Transfer

  1. Press Trnsfr.
  2. Dial the four-digit extension you want to transfer to.
  3. Wait for answer and announce caller.
  4. Press Trnsfr to transfer the call or press EndCall to hang up. Press Resume to reconnect to the first caller.

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Place a Conference Call

  1. During a call, press more and then Confrn to open a new line and put first party on hold.
  2. Place a call to another number.
  3. When call connects, press Confrn again to add new party to existing call with first party.

To establish a conference call between two callers to a Cisco phone, one active and the other on hold, press Confrn.

To establish a conference call between two callers already on a Cisco phone, using separate line buttons, one active and the other on hold, use the following method:

  1. Press Confrn.
  2. Press the Line button of the call you want to add to the three-party conference.

To end a conference call hang up.

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Ad Hoc Conference Call

Start a Conference Call

  1. From a connected call, press Confrn. (You may need to press the more soft key to see Confrn.)
  2. Enter the participant's phone number or four-digit extension.
  3. Wait for the call to connect.
  4. Press Confrn again to add the participant to your call.
  5. Repeat to add additional participants.

Remove Participants

  1. Highlight the participant's name.
  2. Press Remove. You can remove participants only if you initiated the conference.
  3. Hang up or press EndCall to end your participation in a conference.

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Call Forwarding


  1. Press CFwdAll.
  2. Dial four-digit extension or number you want to forward to.
  3. Press the Accept soft key.

Voice Mail

  1. Press CFwdAll.
  2. Dial voice mail number.
  3. Press EndCall.

Speed Dial

  1. Press CFwdAll.
  2. Press Speed Dial button.
  3. Press EndCall.

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Speed Dial

Program Speed Dial

  1. Get a dial tone.
  2. Press #.
  3. Press Speed-dial to start.
  4. Enter four-digit extension or number to speed dial.
  5. Press Speed-dial to finish.
  6. Hang up.

Call From Speed-Dial

  1. Get dial tone.
  2. Press Directories.
  3. Navigate to speed dial.
  4. Press select for the desired number.

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Call From Local Directories

  1. Press Directories.
  2. Scroll to directory or press 4 for Local Directories.
  3. Enter name for search.
  4. Press Search.
  5. Scroll to number and press Dial.

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Call History

View Call History

  1. Press Directories.
  2. Scroll to history list.
  3. Press 1 for Missed Calls.
  4. Press 2 for Received Calls.
  5. Press 3 for Placed Calls.

Call from Call History

  1. Press Directories.
  2. Navigate to number.
  3. Press Select.
  4. Press Dial.

Clear Call History

  • Press Clear. Clears all history.

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List of Soft Keys

Soft Key Description
<< or >>  Navigates to edit characters. Use the backspace soft key to erase digits that were entered incorrectly.
Accept  Accepts the current edits. For instance, adding an entry to your personal directory.
Acct  Consult your administrator on the use of this soft key.
Add  Adds an entry to the personal directory.
Alpha  Toggles character input mode from numeric to alphanumeric.
Answer  Answers an incoming call.
BlndXfr  Redirects the call without allowing you to speak to the transfer recipient (known as a blind transfer).
Callback  Notifies callers that the called line is free.
Cancel  Cancels the last selection.
CFwdALL  Forwards all calls.
Clear  Clears directory history.
Confrn  Connects callers to a conference call.
DelAll  Deletes all entries in the personal directory.
Delete  Deletes selected item.
Dial  Dials the displayed number.
Directories  Provides access to phone directories.
DND  Enables and disables the Do Not Disturb feature.
Down  Decreases the LCD screen contrast.
Edit  Selects a number and activates the cursor for editing.
EditDial  Selects a number and activates the cursor for editing.
EndCall  Ends the current call.
Exit  Exits from the current selection or screen.
Flash  Provides hookflash functionality for three-way calling and call waiting services provided by the PSTN or Centrex service.
GPickUp  Selectively picks up calls to a phone number that is a member of a pickup group.
Hold  Places an active call on hold. Resumes a held call.
Login  Provides PIN-controlled access to restricted phone features. Contact your system administrator for additional instructions.
Message  Dials the local voicemail system.
Monitor  Enables the user to switch from the handset to the speaker to listen to a call hands-free.
Monoff  Enables the user to switch from the speaker to the handset and continue talking on the call.
more  Scrolls through additional soft key options (for example, use the more soft key to locate the Number soft key).
Mute  Toggles muting on and off.
NewCall  Opens a new line on the speakerphone to place a call.
Number  Toggles character input mode from alphanumeric to numeric.
Ok  Confirms the selection.
Park  Forwards calls to a location from which the call can be retrieved by anyone in the system.
PickUp  Selectively picks up calls to another extension.
Play  Plays the ring sound sample.
Redial  Redials the last number dialed.
Reorder  Reorder the entries in the Personal Directory.
Restore  Consult your system administrator on the use of this soft key.
Resume  Returns to an active call.
Save  Saves the last change.
Search  Initiates a search in the local directory.
Select  Selects the highlighted option.
Settings  Provides access to phone settings such as display contrast, ring volume, and ring type.
Trnsfer  Transfers the selected calls to an alternate number.
Up  Increases the LCD screen contrast.
URL  Enter alphanumeric characters for call forwarding.

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