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Jabber for Mac and Windows Setup

This page contains the installation instructions for Cisco's Jabber application for Macintosh and Windows computers.

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Macintosh Computers

  1. If you do not already have Jabber installed on your machine, please contact your local IT Support or Tech Central.
  2. Local IT Support or Tech Central will provide the Jabber installer. You can also click the image below to download the installer file.Cisco Jabber Mac installer icon
  3. Double click the installer package. Click through the installer program, selecting the local hard drive for destination.

    Cisco Jabber Welcome
    Cisco Jabber installer disclaimers
    Cisco Jabber installer software license agreement
    Cisco Jabber installer select destination
    Cisco Jabber installer disk space message
    Cisco Jabber preparing for installation
    Cisco Jabber installer writing files
    Cisco Jabber successful installation
  4. Open Cisco Jabber application

    Mac Jabber icon
  5. TheJabber application will prompt for login:

    Cisco Jabber login screen
  6. Enter your Pepperdine email address in its entirety and click "Continue":

    Cisco Jabber login screen enter email address
  7. The Jabber client will locate and populate the server information:

    Cisco Jabber finding services screen
  8. Please enter your network username and password and click "Sign In".  If you are off campus, your email address is displayed in the name field. You must change this to your network userid.:

    Cisco Jabber sign in screen
  9. Once authenticated, the Jabber client will open up to the following window with Phone, IM, and voicemail access.

    Mac Jabber application window

    * If you are prompted with an invalid voicemail service credential, please click "Cancel". Voicemails are delivered via email using Google Gmail.

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Windows Computers

  1. If you do not already have Jabber installed on your machine, please contact your Local IT Support or Help Desk for more information. Otherwise:
  2. The Jabber installer will be provided by the Local IT Support or Help Desk. You can also click the image below to download the installer file:

    Jabber icon
  3. Install Jabber with the standard windows installation wizard, clicking next all the way through:

    Jabber Windows installation screen
  4. When the installation is finished, launch the Jabber application by double-clicking the desktop icon:

    Jabber application icon
  5. Enter your full Pepperdine email address and click "Continue":

    Jabber Windows Advanced Settings

  6. The following dialogue box will appear. Do not change the user account, instead enter your windows (AD) password.

    Jabber Windows Password Screen

  7. Your installation of Jabber is complete.

    Jabber Windows installation complete screen

    Note: Please disregard message to update the Voicemail credentials. Voicemails are delivered through your Pepperdine Gmail account and can be ignored.


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