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Zoom Waiting Room

Zoom Waiting Room at Pepperdine illustration

Part of the Safeguard Your Online Classes and Meetings series.


Zoom requires that all meetings have a Passcode or a Waiting Room enabled.  Zoom Waiting Rooms are an effective strategy to prevent uninvited guests from gaining entry into your Zoom meeting or classroom.  As of September 27, 2020, if previously created meetings do not have either a passcode or Waiting Room enabled, Zoom will automatically enable a Waiting Room for those meetings.


  • To begin managing the waiting room, click "Manage Participants."The Manage Participants button is sandwiched between the Invite and Polling buttons.


  • In the "Participants" window, you can either "Admit" or "Remove" participants on a single basis.Each participant in the waiting room can be admitted or removed.


  • Alternatively, to admit all participants currently in the waiting room, click "Admit all."Admitting all waiting participants can be done in one click.


  • You can also message all users who are currently in the waiting room. To do so, click "Message."The message button is adjacent to the option to Admit all.


  • To send an admitted participant back into the waiting room: 1) click the "More" drop-down adjacent to the user, and then: 2) select "Put in waiting room."Click the more drop-down and select the option to place the participant back into the waiting room.


Where Can I Find Out More on Waiting Rooms and Passcodes?

Please find additional Zoom documentation on the Waiting Room feature and Passcodes.

 Are There Additional Training Resources?

Yes!  Please see below: