NetworkIDs for New Faculty and Staff

Step 1: Receiving the NetworkID and Password

New Pepperdine faculty and staff will receive their NetworkID and part of their passwords from their supervisor. The supervisor will receive the initial credentials in an email message from a Pepperdine "DO-NOT-REPLY" email address after new employees' jobs have been activated in the Human Resources system. The subject of the message will be "Regarding New Hire [employee name]."

Step 2: Changing the Initial Password

The employees' initial passwords will consist of six (6) randomly generated characters followed by a dash (-) and the last four (4) digits of the employees' social security numbers (to be supplied by the employees). Although employees will be forced to change their passwords every year, it is strongly recommended that employees immediately change their passwords to strong passwords only the employees know.

Step 3: Verifying/Updating Your MyID Profile

All new employees should immediately verify/update their MyID profile to be able to self-reset their passwords when needed. To verify or update your MyID profile, please visit

Step 4: Access Other Resources for New Faculty and Staff

Click here to see a page with additional technology resources for new faculty and staff members.

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