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Central Authentication Service (CAS)


The Central Authentication Service (CAS) at Pepperdine is a single sign-on service that grants users access to a variety of web resources and services. A "single sign-on" (SSO) protocol means that users only need to enter their NetworkID credentials once per browser session or every two hours to access Google Workspace, library services, and other applications.

CAS SSO provides easier access to multiple applications and services anytime, anywhere. CAS also increases information security as users only enter their NetworkID and passwords into a single, secure web page. 

Important: If you use CAS on a public access computer (labs, library, etc.), be sure to exit your web browser and log out when done to prevent others from using your identity.

How to Use CAS

First things first: Pepperdine users must verify their MyID profile to ensure optimal use of the CAS system. To verify your MyID profile, please visit and click on "Verify/Update MyID profile".

  Log in to CAS
  1. Visit any of the CAS-enabled applications.
  2. Select the application's Login button (location and wording may vary by application).
  3. The CAS logon service will display.
  4. Enter your Pepperdine NetworkID credentials.
  5. Select the CAS "Login" button.
  6. If you have enrolled in Pepperdine SecureConnect, complete the next screen for multi-factor authentication.
  7. When authenticated, you will be returned to the application or service and logged into your session.
  Log out of CAS

When finished with your session, exit your web browser to log out of CAS. Remember, if you are using a public workstation (such as a computer in a Pepperdine library), it is critical that you completely log out of CAS to protect your identity and information.

Exit your Web Browser

  1. Close all windows and tabs of your web browser.
  2. You may also choose "Exit" or "Quit" in the web browser's application menu, if available. The icon may appear as three dots, three lines, or the name of the application in a file menu.
  3. If the icon for your browser remains active in your task bar, dock, system tray, or other operating system active apps location, select or right-click the icon and choose "Close," "Exit," or "Quit." 
  Applications Using CAS

The following is a small list of University services and applications that use single sign-on protocol through CAS:

  1. Google Workspace (Email, Calendar, Drive, etc.)
  2. Kronos
  3. Library Databases and Services
  4. MyID Password Management
  5. Courses
  6. WaveNet


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