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Information Technology's Guiding Principles

Pentagon graphic showing: CIO's 100-day memo, University Strategic Plan, Technology & Learning Strategy, IT Annual Survey Results, and Strategic Partnerships over a blurred aerial photo of the Malibu campus.


The Information Technology department establishes its priorities and objectives each fiscal year by strictly following a pentagon framework that includes the University Strategic Plan, the Chief Information Officer's 100-Day Memo, our Technology & Learning Strategy, our Strategic Partnerships, and the results of the most recent IT Annual Survey. This is the foundation for our operational strategy in supporting the Pepperdine Community.

IT's Pentagon Framework

Find details about the five elements of IT's Pentagon Framework below.

University Strategic Plan

"We share a global vision, an inspiring mission, a glorious dream, and a transformative idea called Pepperdine. Our collective dreams for the next chapter of Pepperdine are so grand and unbounded, they are like a mighty mountain beckoning us — to climb." President Jim Gash's inaugural address, 09.25.2019.
See the full Pepperdine 2030 Strategic Plan.

Chief Information Officer's 100-Day Memo

Structure is key to our future success. Without structure, there’s chaos and confusion. As a division with (100) full time employees, it is critical that we operate as one unified group with each member taking full ownership of IT’s performance while holding each other fully accountable.
See the full CIO 100-Day Memo.

Technology & Learning Strategy

Collaboration, communication, and community are key aspects of university life within higher education. Over the past twenty years, research reveals some dramatic shifts in the expectations of students regarding these activities. Traditionally, a university is seen as existing to provide instruction to students. Gradually, this perception shifted to one where the university existed to provide learning opportunities to students who viewed themselves more as customers. As a result of this shift, academic programs evolved over time to provide more diverse course offerings, particularly interdisciplinary courses, and increased discretion in course selection.
See Pepperdine University's Technolgy & Learning Strategy.

Strategic Partnerships

IT is much more than just a cost center and utility shop. In many respects, we are centrally positioned in the institution because what we do translate into some form of business value(s) for schools and departments across the University. As such, we have a unique and excellent opportunity to engage with our campus colleagues, understand their business needs, and use technology as an enabler to help them achieve those business needs.
See page 6 of the 100-Day Memo to learn about IT's Strategic Partnerships.

IT Annual Survey Results

In March 2023, surveys were distributed to more than 4,400 Pepperdine faculty, staff, and students via Qualtrics. Individuals received 1 of 7 surveys spanning 17 IT topics including:

• Timely Resolution

• Knowledgeable Staff

• Communications

• Self-Help Information

• Training

• Professors

• Online Tools

• Systems

• Collaboration Technology

• Event Space Technology

• Classroom Technology

• Conference Room Technology

• Security

• Internet Reliability

• Internet Speed/Capacity

• Campus WiFi

• Cellular Coverage

See the 2023 IT Technology Survey results.