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Student Email Extension Requests


All Pepperdine University Alumni who either graduated or discontinued their program with a minimum of 12 units within the past 4 months, may be eligible for a temporary extension on their student email accounts. 


  • You recently graduated or discontinued your program with at least 12 units
  • No more than four months have passed since graduation (120 days)

Note: If it's been over four months (120 days) since your graduation, then we are very sorry that you missed the deadline. Unfortunately, all inboxes for graduated or discontinued students are permanently deleted after 120 days, so it is not possible to grant extensions beyond this timeframe.


To request a temporary extension, call Tech Central at 310.506.4357 to submit a support ticket. Be sure to state your school and the date of your graduation ceremony when you request your extension. Shortly thereafter, a technician will review your request and notify you whether you are eligible for an extension or not and the details of the extension, if granted.

Submitting a request is not a guarantee of an extension. The extension, if granted, only applies to a Pepperdine student email account, not WaveNet. Also, you would be responsible for transferring or downloading any contents of the extended email account within the allotted timeframe. No additional extensions will be permitted.

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