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The Pepperdine Alumni Email Service is a free Google application suite offered to Pepperdine Alumni. It consists of Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Contacts, Drive, Docs, and others.

Eligible Alumni Must Meet One of These Requirements:

  • Graduate from Pepperdine

  • Discontinue their program with at least 12 units

Please Note:

Students normally lose access to WaveNet and student email approximately 90 days after graduation (or discontinuation of classes).

Due to COVID19 and delayed graduation: Recent grads have been granted additional time to access their student email. After official graduation ceremonies are held, students will have 90 days to access their student email (before it is disabled).

  • While you can set up email forwarding, that forwarding will discontinue when your student account is disabled. 
  • We advise Alumni to set up a vacation responder to refer contacts to their new email address.

Alumni Email Access for Active Students and Employees

Alumni who are also active students or employees, will retain access to their existing Pepperdine email address and account as long as they are are enrolled or employed at Pepperdine. These Alumni are welcome to use their Alumni and Pepperdine email accounts concurrently.

Alternate Email/Phone # Requirement

During the Google setup process, Alumni will be required to provide an alternate email address and/or mobile phone number for automated password resets. Without this information, a user can be permanently locked out of their account.


Recent graduates can transfer email and G Suite data from their Student Google account to their new Alumni Google account.

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