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Alumni Email

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The Pepperdine Alumni Email service is a free, Gmail-only account offered to Pepperdine Alumni. Through the program, Alumni will enjoy an address to stay engaged with the University.


Eligible alumni must meet the following requirements:

  • Graduate from Pepperdine
  • Discontinue their program with at least 12 units

Other Requirements

  • Provide Google an alternate email or phone number for password resets
  • Alumni must keep their account active*

*Dormant alumni accounts will be suspended and then deleted permanently after one year of inactivity.

Request Your Alumni Email Account

Activate Your Account

Take advantage of this benefit and activate your Alumni email account. Be sure to submit your request before the 90-day period ends after graduation.

Transfer Your Google Data

Recent graduates can transfer email and data from their student Google account to a personal Google account. This must be done before the 90-day period ends!

Frequently Asked Questions

  I forgot my Pepperdine Alumni Email password. How do I reset it?

When you signed up, you provided Google with a contact phone number and an alternate email address for account recovery. Use Google's Account Recovery tool and enter your Pepperdine Alumni Email address (e.g. Follow the prompts and use your recovery method (phone, email, and/or security questions) to complete any verification steps. If you need more help, please visit Google's support documentation: "How to recover your Google Account or Gmail."

  What happens to my student email account after graduation or discontinuation of a program?

Students normally lose access to WaveNet and student email approximately 90 days after graduation (or discontinuation of classes). The University will send multiple reminder notices about the changes to your Pepperdine student account before your account will be deleted. Students have the option to sign up for an Alumni Email address (see "Request Your Alumni Email Account" above).

  What is included with the Pepperdine Alumni Email Program?

The Pepperdine Alumni Email program offers a free, Gmail account. Through the program, Alumni will enjoy an address to stay engaged with the University, former classmates, and others. The service provides Gmail, Calendar, and select other Google tools, but does not include Google Drive or Photos.

To learn more about University Alumni special offers and discounts, please visit Alumni Benefits and Services. You may also visit the appropriate alumni office of your school.

  Will Alumni need to keep their Alumni Email account active?

Yes. Alumni can enjoy their account if the account remains active. Dormant accounts may become targets to hackers and place alumni information and University resources at risk. For this reason, Alumni Email accounts will be suspended and then deleted after one year of inactivity. Once an account has been deleted, it will be irrecoverable. So, we encourage our Alumni to check and use their accounts on a regular basis.

  After I graduate, can I add email forwarding so that messages sent to my student email address can be sent to my alumni email or another email address?

While your student account remains active, you can set up email forwarding to another email address (or your alumni email), but email forwarding will end when your student account is disabled after 90 days. Because of the temporary nature of email forwarding, we encourage students to notify their contacts about their preferred contact information after graduation.


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