Transfer Your G Suite Data

"Google Takeout" transfers your Google email and data from your student Pepperdine Google account, (e.g.,, to your new Alumni Google account, (e.g., If you also wish to transfer your Google contacts or calendar, etc., easy instructions are found by performing a Google search on the feature you wish to transfer or move, for example, "transfer Gmail contacts" or "export Google calendar."


Transfer Your Data

  1. Go to and sign into your student Pepperdine Google account, (e.g.,, and click "Next."
    Google Sign in page

  2. Access "Google Takeout" at this URL:
  3. Enter your Alumni Email address at the Destination Account, then click "Send Code."
    Google Takeout transfer screen
  4. You'll need the code sent to your Alumni email. Click "Get confirmation Code" to see this.
    Transfer Confirmation Page
  5. Enter this code into the Takeout page and click "Verify."
    Takeout Verify
  6. Select the content you wish to transfer to your new account, e.g., "Drive" and "Gmail." By default, both Gmail and Drive data will be transferred. When you are finished, click "Start Transfer."
    Start Transfer Google Takeout
  7. You'll receive an email in both mailboxes stating the transfer has started. Depending on the size of your data, it may take up to a week for a full transfer.
    Takeout Transfer is on the way
  8. When the transfer is finished, you will also receive an email.
    Takeout Content has Arrived
  9. Your email will appear in your Alumni Email inbox with a label of the email address it came from, in this example, You are now finished and your email and data have fully transferred.
    Takeout Transfer Complete


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