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2016 Annual Review: Email Upgrade Project

I believe that the move to Google Mail is part of IT's role in supporting President Benton's calling to be the premier Christian University.  The move is future facing and sets our students up for success as they move into the workforce. I am tremendously proud of how the University handled this significant change and is adapting to this new environment.

Scott Bolan

Senior Director - Enterprise Information Systems
Email Upgrade Project Lead


Email, it's our most important communication tool and is absolutely critical to nearly every function at the University.

In June, we upgraded our email services from the in-house Microsoft Exchange server to the much more effective Google Mail.

This was a massive project and we didn't want to miss a beat, suggestion, or chance to make the switch easy for you.

IT held 17 focus groups and 4 Town Hall meetings, migrated 18,000 accounts to Google Mail, and walked building to building and desk to desk for over a week to provide in-person support after the switch.

We also:

  • Hosted 150 group training sessions

  • Processed more than 500 requests for delegate access

  • Scheduled 240 one-on-one training sessions

  • Refreshed over 100 pages on our website

  • Added 2.5 hours of content to our YouTube channel

  • Transferred about 5 TB of emails from the Exchange Email Server to Google Mail

  • Handed out 1,100 donuts

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