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Find Restricted Information: Discovery Meetings


The Restricted Information Discovery Meetings are a resource for our more complex problems in cleaning up restricted information.  At these 90-minute meetings, key members of your department will be assisted with:

  1. Discovering objects (files, drives, databases, processes) that contain restricted information.
  2. Documenting business requirements for restricted information.
  3. Recommendations for completing the restricted information inventory.
  4. Thinking through workable controls or business process re-engineering for the restricted information.

Scheduling the Discovery meeting

Discovery meetings can be held via teleconference or on your SoCal campus.  Your team will attend a whiteboard session where we will diagram the business processes they discuss and ISO can learn about your operation and the flow of information in and out of your area.

Following the Discovery Meeting

After participating in the Restricted Information Discovery Meeting, your department should be clear about whether there is Restricted Information being used.  Followup consulting will help you determine what Restricted Information can be re-engineered out of your business process and cleaned up.  At that point the department will begin to work with Information Technology to apply controls to the Restricted Information that it will retain.  Consulting and technology installation appointments will be available for assistance in implementing controls.

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