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EPHI Computer and Systems Inventory



The goals of this Inventory are to:

  1. Allow HIPAA coordinators a complete view of computers and systems containing their ePHI records.
  2. Allow EO and Information Security to issue comprehensive recommendations to achieve both HIPAA compliance and security for all ePHI.


Offices covered by HIPAA have been aware of and working on the problem of RESTRICTED information for many months.  Previous efforts have covered much of the ground that some other offices have just started to work on (e.g., workstation security).  Offices covered by HIPAA are anxious to take the next steps.  In order to make it possible for these offices to succeed with as little impact to operations as possible, we will be following this timeline:

  • Inventory - February 16 - March 12, 2009
    Offices covered under HIPAA will inventory their computers and systems handling ePHI RESTRICTED info.
  • Recommendations - March 16 - April 3, 2009
    Information Security will write a control and cleanup for each inventory.  This will include instructions for ordering whole disk encryption (WDE) software and having IT work with each user to install it on every office computer and laptop containing ePHI.
  • Implementation - April and May 2009
    IT will work with each office to schedule the installs of WDE. Each office will respond to any further items contained in the security recommendations.
  • Audit - June 2009
    Internal Audit will conduct a professional review of departmental compliance with the ICPP (policy) as respects RESTRICTED information, including ePHI.

Computer and System Inventory


Use the following examples to help fill out your ePHI Computer and System Inventory:

A networked computer with ePHI (click to view full size):
Networked Computer Sample Entry

Online system at Pepperdine and at an external site for working with ePHI (click to view full size):
Networked Computer Sample Entry

Online Storage for ePHI (click to view full size):
ePHI Online Storage


Q. How do I find a networked computer's IP address?
A. Open a web browser and browse to:

Q. I have a Dell Computer.  Do you want the serial number or the Service Tag?
A. Either one is fine; you don't need both.  The service tag is usually easier to find on the back of your computer, and looks like five or more alphanumeric characters in large font, next to a barcode.  Use this guide from Dell or call the Anytime Support Desk for help finding your service tag.

Q. How do I find my computer's serial number?
A. Typically this is a numeric or alphanumeric string on the back of the computer, most often labeled with "serial" or "S/N". Consult the computer's manufacturer or the Anytime Support Desk for help finding the computer serial number.

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