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Your Password has an expiration date!

Authentication Changes October 2021

Increased Account Security for Students, Faculty and Staff

List of Changes and Schedule

Pepperdine IT is making the following changes in Fall of 2021:

  1. Faculty and staff password expiration changes to 4 years, effective 27 Sep 21 (all FacStaff participate in SecureConnect).
  2. Passwords for students, faculty and staff require 15 characters when you change password, effective 4 Oct 21.
  3. Student account password expiration begins, effective 1 Nov 21: 
    • One year from date of last change for accounts without SecureConnect.
    • Four years from date of last change for accounts enrolled in SecureConnect.

Reasons for the Changes

Opting in to SecureConnect allows students to take control of account security by increasing protection of their accounts when exposed by theft or through re-use on breached websites. SecureConnect will:

  1. Protect personal information.
  2. Prevent your student account from being used against the University.
  3. Give all account holders a 4 year expiration timer for their password (instead of 1 year without SecureConnect)/

Increasing the password length from 8 to 15 characters will help protect information assets that do not participate in SecureConnect

  • University desktops and laptops
  • Online resources like mytime, attachments and

Learn More

Please view our FAQ page for these changes to learn more background and detail.