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Security Tips: Auto Updates


Keeping Computer Operating Systems Up to Date

Macintosh and Windows computers should be kept up to date with vendor-supplied software updates for the operating systems and associated programs.

Macintosh Computers

Macintosh computer users should install Apple Computer updates.  Use the Software Update feature set to auto install updates to check daily for new updates.  It is a good practice to shutdown (power off) or restart (not just sleep or close the lid) your Mac weekly to apply application updates.

Windows Computers

Windows computer users can now receive updates automatically for their Windows operating system, their Microsoft Office suite, and other Microsoft programs using the Microsoft Update process.  These updates often require a restart to apply the security patches. Again, restart or shut down your computer weekly to allow updates to be applied.

Backups, Training, Questions and Problems

It is always wise to back up computer systems on a regular basis; contact the Help Desk for current options as well as questions.  If you have a problem with your Pepperdine owned computer, you must consult with Pepperdine technicians.

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