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Tips: Home Security

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Protecting your home computer from cyber attacks

It is important to keep your computer and technology secure at home, not just at the office.  You can use the same tips and many of the same resources at home as you use at Pepperdine (one of the best is  These articles specifically address home computing.

Protecting your children from cyber criminals

On the Internet you are 15 milliseconds away from every creep on the planet.  One of the best defenses is making sure that computing happens in high traffic areas on your home, so that it is easy to participate in computing with your children.  Secondarily, become familiar with the parental controls offered by your computer or mobile operating system through a class or online tutorial and use these to supplement the primary safeguard of "computing together".

The Information Security Office does not endorse any products or services advertised or referenced on the above pages.  These links are offered for helpful security perspectives.

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