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Security Tips: Physical Security


Physical access to your computer or University data by unauthorized persons may result in data breach or loss of the device.

Security Precautions for Faculty, Staff and Student Computers

Use these procedures to secure your devices and data from physical access by unauthorized persons.

  • Where applicable, lock your office or residence hall room door when leaving.
  • Never leave your laptop or mobile unattended in a public place.  Even stepping away for a moment is enough time for it to be stolen.
  • All devices should be set with a screensaver that starts after 15 or less minutes of inactivity and requires a password to resume access.
  • Configure and turn on the features that allow your personal devices to be located or locked if lost or stolen. Apple's "Find My" service is an example of such a feature. University owned computers configured with Device Management can also be located or locked when lost.
  • Do not operate your device where others can observe your password input or where unauthorized persons can see University or personal data.
  • Do not permit friends or relatives to make use of your assigned University-owned computer.

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