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Secure Connect: Trusted Devices


Secure Connect is a Two-Factor Authentication system, powered by Duo Security.  Secure Connect is designed to protect you and the University by adding a second layer of protection to your login.

Central IT staff is pilot testing the security and usability of Secure Connect through September 14, 2015.  Once the system is in its final configuration and documented, it will be made available on an opt-in basis to the rest of the University community.  Stay tuned to CommUNITY's "Pepperdine Today" and the IT "InsighT Report" for information on Secure Connect general availability.

Trusted Devices

Devices you enroll under your ID for Pre-enrollment is required to use Secure Connect. Once enrolled, simply log in to Pepperdine CAS or VPN as usual with your Pepperdine NetworkID and password; then Secure Connect will use your selected pre-enrolled device to verify that it's you that is logging in.  The devices you trust determine your available options when logging in. 

Having alternate devices, such as your office extension or home phone provides you with more means of authentication, should one of your other devices be lost or damaged. 

However, each device that is trusted can be used as your second factor.  Look over some of the following examples that may help you choose which devices to trust.

  • save device on public station
  • significant others phone
  • home phone
  • main office line
  • Child's tablet
  • Co-worker's device

Supported Devices


Getting Help

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