Information Security Video Briefs

Cybersecurity Awareness Month_Be Secure in the KnowledgeBelow are Information Security's Official Training videos. Click on the name of the video you would like to watch and you will be redirected via University Single Sign-on to the corresponding video topic. Videos are generally well under 5 minutes.

Our Mission:

To help our colleagues protect student data and maintain trust in the University.

General Security Tips: 

Remember, You Are The Target

Learn why cyber criminals want your access.

Don't Be Fooled - Social Engineering

Avoid common tricks that seem real.

Protect Your Email

Don't get taken in by email scams.

Secure Your Browser

Make it safe to surf.

Create Strong Passwords

Strengthen the key to your account and your information.

Secure Specific Technologies:

Safeguard Your Social Media

Defend Your Mobile Device

Understand Encryption

Be Safe With WiFi

Be Secure Everywhere:

Work Securely Anywhere

Maintain Physical Security

Secure Your Home Computer

Secure Your Home Network 

Protect Children Online

Detect Cyber Criminals

Correctly Use Cloud Data

Legal Requirements :  

Payment Card Requirements

Educational Data Requirements

Health Data Requirements

Specific Team Security:

Executive Best Practices

Help Desk Team Best Practices

IT Staff Best Practices


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