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AV Best Practices

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By partnering with AV Technologies in advance, you can ensure that your presentation or event runs smoothly with great results.

 Partnership with Audio Visual Technologies

The success of your event or program is a top priority for Pepperdine's Audio Visual Technologies office.  For example, through a partnership between the AV Tech office and the President's Office, the monthly President's Briefings are carefully planned in advance, properly resourced, and delivered for a quality user experience. 

 Active Planning

At least two months in advance, the event organizer should submit an AV Technologies Request Form to begin the communication process.  Advanced planning will enable Audio Visual Technologies to enter the event in its AV calendar, consult with the organizer, and understand the full requirements of the event.  This allows Audio Visual Technologies to appropriately advise stakeholders on developing a plan of action and scheduling all the needed resources in advance.

For many venues at the Malibu campus and/or to check out equipment, you can submit requests for AV assistance through this electronic form:


For Smothers Theatre, Lindhurst Theatre, and the Raitt Recital Hall, request for AV assistance may be submitted by contacting the Center of the Arts or through its website:

To ensure this best practice is followed, the event organizer should take the following steps:

  1. Proactively reach out to AV Technologies in advance for recurring events such as the President's Briefing, Faculty Conference, Bible Lectures, and Ascending Voice.
  2. Maintain communication with key VIP offices such as the offices of the President and Provost to learn about special events that may require AV setups.

 Schedule Support Personnel

As soon as pre-planning commences, Audio Visual Technologies can recommend personnel resources to provide just-in-time support during the event.  Training is always readily provided by AV Technologies and should be scheduled by the event organizer, reserving time in the venue and with AV Technologies.  Depending on the timing and type of event, recommended support resources may include contracting with an outside vendor.

To ensure this best practice is followed, the event organizer should take the following steps:

  1. Initiate early communication with Audio Visual Technologies after the request form is submitted to better communicate the resources required.
  2. Schedule and coordinate training with AV Technologies and any of that group's support personnel.

 Have a Plan B

Even the best-coordinated events can experience technical difficulties.  It is essential that the event organizer has a backup plan (a Plan B) whenever equipment malfunctions.  The presenter should also be prepared in the event the primary presentation format fails to execute by bringing additional copies and/or formats of the presentation.

To ensure this best practice is followed, the event organizer SHOULD take the following steps:

  1. Request a the most recent "Room Check" report from AV Technologies.
  2. Have backup options for audio and video systems in place and ready for deployment if the primary equipment fails to function.
  3. Work with and remind the presenter to have a Plan B to include having a printed handout of the electronic presentation.

To ensure this best practice is followed, the organizer or presenter WILL take the following steps:

  1. Create multiple backup copies of any presentations and media files (hard drive, flash drive, and cloud storage) and have hard copy version in case of extreme technical issue.  If online presentations are requested, download a copy of the presentation for local playback in case of network slow speed issues.
  2. Compile presentations into a single file to eliminate challenges when swapping multiple computers or devices.
  3. Disable screensaver and power saving settings that might interrupt the presentation.  Always plug in the presentation system rather than rely on battery power.  Clean up the desktop, remove any browser bookmarks or tabs that do not align with the intent of the presentation, and set an appropriate desktop background.  Close any email or conferencing applications to avoid pop-up messages that may interfere with the flow of the event.  Close any non-essential applications that may impact system performance.

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