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Behringer Audio Equipment Instructions


Pepperdine University faculty and staff may use the following step-by-step instructions to utilize the Behringer Audio equipment in various classrooms and academic spaces.

Set Up

  1. Take both the speaker and mic out of the case.
  2. Since the speaker is wireless, switch on the power button on the bottom left.
    1. Once powered on, an orange display should appear and you will see a blinking green light.
  3. Turn on the mic by holding the top button till a green light indicates that it is on.
  4. Volume can be adjusted accordingly both on the mic itself and the speaker.
    1. To increase the volume on the mic, press the upper button. To decrease the volume on the mic, press the lower button.
    2. To change the volume on the speaker, rotate the volume knob on the upper right corner on the back of the Behringer speaker.
      1. Rotate clockwise to increase the volume; rotate counterclockwise to decrease the volume. 

Taking It Down

  1. First, to turn off the mic, hold the bottom volume button until a flashing green light appears. Then, press and hold the bottom volume button again until the green light turns off. When there is no light displaying, the mic has been successfully turned off.
  2. To turn off the speaker itself, switch off the power button on the bottom. When successfully turned off, the orange display should be off and no blinking green light should be present.


  1. Why isn’t the speaker turning on?
    1. Ensure that the speaker has adequate battery life.
    2. If there is no battery on the speaker, use an IEC cord to power the speaker manually. 
  2. Why am I getting feedback from the mic and speaker?
    1. Ensure that the microphone is not in front of the speaker when used.
    2. Ensure that the volume on the mic is not too loud.
    3. Ensure that the volume on the Behringer is not too loud. 
  3. Why isn’t my microphone working?
    1. Ensure that the microphone volume is not at the lowest.
    2. Ensure that the volume knob on the speaker is raised.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact the AV Office at 310.506.6953 for assistance.

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