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Light House AV Instructions


Pepperdine University faculty and staff may use the following step-by-step instructions to utilize the audio-visual equipment in the Light House space in the Tyler Campus Center on the Malibu campus.

Connecting Your Laptop

Locate the HDMI cable on the right side of the stage (when facing the stage).

  • There should be an HDMI to type-c adapter available (will fit most MacBooks), but we recommend that you bring an adapter to suit your device.
  • Connect the laptop.

Lighthouse audio equipment

Touch Panel Instructions

  1. Find the touch panel (iPad) located to the left of The Hub for Spiritual Life.
  2. Turn it on with the power button and touch the screen to begin.
 Enter the password: ‘1234’
  3. Go to the ‘Video’ tab and lower the projector screen by pressing the ‘down’ button.
  4. Select the power ‘on’ button to turn on the projector. This may take several seconds, so be patient and do not overload the system by spamming the power button. Once turned on, your laptop should be displayed on the projector.
  5. If sound will be played on the laptop, select the ‘Audio’ tab on the bottom and use the ‘Main Sound’ category to control the volume.
  6. Make sure the laptop is on “mirrored display” mode (for MacBooks) or “Window” + “P” buttons (for windows).
    1. This can be located in system preferences >> display.
  7. If this is not possible, then think of the projected screen as a second monitor, or display screen. Drag the preferred display tab to the right of the laptop to show on the projector screen.

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