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Surfboard Room AV Instructions

Payson Library surfboard room


Use the following step-by-step instructions to set up the AV equipment in the Payson Library Surfboard Room.


  1. Locate the touch panel controller at the front of the room next to the PC.
  2. Turn the AV system on by pressing the power button on the screen
    • The projector will turn on and the screens will come down
  3. Determine which screen(s) should be down by pressing the Screen Controls button on the bottom left of the touch panel controller.
    • Each screen is independently controlled from this page
  4. Verify the Display Mute button is inactive on the touch panel controller.
    • Display Mute hides the source content from the projector
  5. Select the appropriate input: PC, Wallplate, Rack HDMI, Rack VGA, or Blu-ray player
  6. If using the PC, wake it by pressing any key on the keyboard
    • If the PC is powered off, open the rack door and press the power button on the Dell device
    • Sign in using your Pepperdine credentials (note: students will need to use the student\ domain)
  7. If using your own laptop, select Wallplate.
  8. Determine whether the content on the PC or laptop should be mirrored or extended to the projector screens.
    • Select the appropriate display settings using System Preferences for Apple devices or Windows+P for Windows devices
  9. Adjust the volume to the desired levels using the source device and/or the touch panel controller
    • The Mute button under the Volume label will deactivate all sound
  10. Turn the AV system off by pressing the System Off button on the touch panel controller.

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