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Cloud Backup Service

Cloud Backup

Pepperdine University is currently running a Secure Cloud Backup pilot program for all staff currently using whole disk encryption software on their Pepperdine-owned workstations. Whole disk encryption ensures that restricted data on the workstation is protected from unauthorized physical access.

The Secure Cloud Backup Service, powered by Crashplan PROe, is an important addition to whole disk encryption. The service ensures that users have a current backup of their profiles located in a secure place in case their workstation becomes unusable due to hardware failure, software glitches, or compromise.

The Secure Cloud Backup Service ensures a timely backup of user profiles and data to a secure cloud provider via a software client. The software client, available for Windows and Mac computers, will run in the background and backup the user profile, including folders and subfolders.

During the pilot program, the Secure Cloud Backup Service will be installed on select computers to gauge interest and utility of providing a university-wide cloud backup solution.

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