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Internet Access FAQs


This page contains frequently asked questions about computer registration and Internet access at Pepperdine. For more support, call the IT Service Desk at 310.506.4357 (HELP).

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 What ID/password do I use to register my computer?

Your Pepperdine NetworkID and password.

 I completed the registration process, but I cannot access the Internet.

Reboot your computer and try to browse the Internet again.

 I registered successfully, but there are some specific sites I cannot access.

Make sure you did not register as Visitor or with another incorrect role.

 I've already been successfully registered. Why am I being asked to register again?

A Visitor must renew registration daily, a Self-Registration Visitor account must be re-created after 7 days, and NetworkID holders must register each device annually.

 I am using Parallels or VMWare and am often asked to re-register my computer or my connection to the Internet comes and goes.

Make sure your Parallels or VMWare is NOT set to 'bridging'; your virtual machine must use the host machine's address.

 I registered my computer correctly, but I cannot register my gaming/DVR system.

If your device has a web browser, e.g. Nintendo 3DS, Wii, try that first. Otherwise, configure your console to use the network, and then load a game, utility or app that will access the Internet - that will make the network aware of your console's identification information. Then, follow instructions on the appropriate game registration page, according to the type of connection and your location.

Student residence users, if you have trouble after attempting these instructions, contact Tech Central. If you visit Tech Central, bring your device, a game and all connectors with you. See FAQ on hubs below.

 Can computers be registered while on VPN or from off-campus?

No, registration is not available over VPN or from off-campus. You will get an error message "Registration failed. Physical Address not found."

 I transferred or sold my computer to someone else. How can I de-register it so I'm not responsible for it anymore?

Contact the IT Service Desk or Pepperdine technical support personnel responsible for your area.

 How can I extend my visitor access so that I don't have to register my computer everyday?

You can easily self-create a 7 day registration account using the Self-Registered Visitor option. If you are a vendor/contractor, or an individual with a special connection to the University please have your faculty/staff sponsor request a sponsored guest account from their departmental technical support staff.

Then, register using the credentials for that account next time your visitor registration expires.

 What kind of access do the different registration roles have?

Faculty/Staff/Students - full internet access, and they can connect to any network service at the University.

Self-Registered Visitor - full internet access, meaning they can connect to any network service from the University.

Visitor - internet access is restricted to standard web pages and VPN services only. Can also access public webservers at the University.

Sponsored Guest - full internet access, meaning they can connect to any network service from the University.

 Can I get access through my own wireless Internet router?

Personal wireless access points and wired or wireless routers are prohibited in student residences with wireless coverage. If discovered these devices will be shut down. This includes Seaver and Drescher residences and Page Apartments. More information can be found on the Wireless Information Page.

 I try to access the Internet but I keep on being redirected to a screen that reads ""Blocked MAC at CampusManager for <reason>"?.

Your computer has been determined to be infected with malware (or for other reasons). In order to unblock your computer, please contact authorized personnel at the IT Service Desk at 310.506.HELP (4357).

 What can I do if my computer or game is plugged into a personal network hub or switch and I'm having trouble registering it?

If you're trying to register a game and have it plugged into third party hub or switch, which in turn is plugged into the wall jack, remove the hub/switch and use the wall jack directly when registering.

Any unregistered computer plugged into a third party hub/switch will put every computer on the hub/switch into the registration network. Symptoms include inability to complete the registration process, intermittent Internet connectivity and/or known registered devices being directed to registration (and failing with 'device already registered'). Plug the unregistered device directly into the wall and register it.

 Can I use my personal wireless printer or access point on any Pepperdine campus or residence hall?

No. Wireless printers, personal wireless access points, and wired or wireless routers are prohibited at all campuses and student residences (Seaver and Drescher student residences and the Page Apartments) with wireless coverage.

The presence of these devices interfere with the Pepperdine wireless signal. Extending Pepperdine networks to unregistered clients reduces security of the network. Routers also lead to service outages when misconfigured. When discovered, these devices will be shut down.

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