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Calendar Sharing


Your Pepperdine Google Calendar is a great way to keep track of key events, schedule meetings, and even set goals, reminders, or tasks.  An important feature of your calendar is the ability to share it with specific people, everyone at Pepperdine, or even the public.  Let's walk through how to view or change your calendar sharing settings.

Recommended Settings for Pepperdine

To empower our community to effectively and efficiently schedule meetings, we recommend that all Pepperdine community members enable the "free/busy" setting on their personal work calendar.

To verify or set your calendar is set to free/busy:

  1. Visit and log into
  2. Find the "My Calendars" heading at the left.
  3. Hover over your calendar (your name, e.g. Jane Smith) and then select Options for your name menu.
  4. Then select "Settings and Sharing."
  5. Verify or check the setting for "Access Permissions" to "Make available for Pepperdine University."
  6. Verify or select the option "See only free/busy (hide details)."
  7. All changes are saved automatically. Select the Settings arrow to take you back to the Calendar.



Share Your Calendar with Someone

Google Calendar makes it easy to either keep your calendar private, offer some visibility to others, or even allow others to manage your calendar.  In this example, let's say we want to allow someone's supervisor to see everything on a calendar, plus an administrative assistant to help manage the calendar to add, change, or even cancel events.

To choose with whom to share your calendar and how much he/she can see:

  1. Hover over your calendar (your name, e.g. Jane Smith) and then select Options for your name menu
  2. Select "Settings and Sharing"
  3. Find the "Share with specific people" setting
  4. Select "ADD PEOPLE"
  5. Enter the email address of a person with whom you want to share the calendar.

    • In this example, we want to share the calendar with two people.  We want to give our supervisor, George Pepperdine, the ability to see everything on the calendar. We also want to grant an administrative assistant, Willie the Wave, the ability to co-manage the calendar.
  6. Select the desired permissions for each person.

    • "See only free/busy (hide details)"
      What it does: The person can only see when your calendar is open or blocked by other events. The person cannot see any details about the events themselves. The person cannot see any events that you marked with "Private" visibility.
      Great for: Enabling effective scheduling. If you have followed the recommended sharing settings and allow everyone at Pepperdine to see your free/busy, then you do not need to individually add Pepperdine community members with this option.

    • "See all event details"
      What it does: The person can view the calendar and see all event details (title, location, event details, invitee list, etc.) except those events marked with "Private" visibility.
      Great for: Supervisors or colleagues that may need to know more details about your schedule or individuals you want to see events on a new calendar you've created.

    • "Make changes to events" 
      What it does: The person can view your calendar, see event details, and add/modify/remove events. The person cannot change the calendar's sharing settings. The person can see events marked with "Private" visibility.
      Great for: Basic delegates or team members collaborating on your calendar or a calendar you have created.

    • "Make changes AND manage sharing"
      What it does: The person has full control of the calendar.
      Great for: Delegates with full responsibility and control of a calendar, including potentially deleting a calendar.

    • In our example, we'll give the supervisor "See all event details" and the administrative assistant "Make changes to events."
    • For detailed descriptions of each permission, visit Google's "Share your calendar with someone"
  7. When finished select Send.
  8. The share view will indicate the permissions you've given.
  9. To unshare your calendar, click on the "X" for the share you've given that person.
  10. All changes are saved automatically. Select the Settings arrow to take you back to the Calendar.

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